Medical Translation Services

Translating medical documents is a very crucial task which should be handled only by professional and qualified medical translators. Here at Exchange Lingo we only use translators with a medical background to translate your medical documents into your desired language. We translate medical documents into over 150 languages. Not only are our medical translation services handled by specialists in the field, we apply this same formula when it comes to all our translation services enabling us to produce top class finished translations at all times.

If your requirement is for a pharmaceutical prescription or a hospital diagnosis document we are here to help ensure that your document is accurately translated on time and on budget!

Some of our medical translation services include translating medical documents such as:

•    Product Labels
•    Clinical Trials
•    Regulatory Documents
•    Medical Records
•    Test Results
•    Questionnaires
•    Data Sheets

Our medical translators

If your medical document translation requirements are specific to a particular field such as pharmaceutical we will allocate a translator from our database who is native in your target language and is experienced within the pharmaceutical industry. This enables us to continually provide accurate and professional translation services for our clients.

For a free medical translation quote simply fill in our quick and easy quote form or alternatively if you wish to speak with one of our team feel free to give us a a call.