Localisation services

The process of localisation should not be confused with translation. Where translation is the conversion of text or media from one language to another as it appears, localisation services involve adapting the text from one language to another as well as taking into consideration the layout of text and other features such as as country currency and colour schemes. If you require your new marketing material or website to be localised, Exchange Lingo can assist as we provide top class translators with experience in specific fields such as marketing, medical, retail or technical fields. For your project we would only allocate a native translator to take on the task of localising your work. We are able to localise material into over 150 languages.

Diverse services

Some of our localisation services include:

  • Software localisation
  • Website localisation
  • Technical document localisation
  • Marketing material localisation
  • user manual localisation

Localisation benefits

Our localisation services will help you and your business:

  • Expand into different markets
  • Increase your presence into local markets
  • Increase traffic to your website

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