Professional Interpreting Services

As globalisation continues to rise the need for interpreters is and continues to be an important factor when it comes to effective communication. At Exchange Lingo we provide reliable and affordable interpreting services within the UK. We supply qualified and experienced interpreters to conduct court interpreting, telephone interpreting, conference interpreting, business meetings interpreting and many other interpreting services at affordable rates. Our interpreters are carefully screened before assigned to a project as we understand how crucial it is not only for us but for our clients to get an assignment completed with positive results. We understand our clients need to maintain a professional image and that is why we only work with the best interpreters within the UK.

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Languages we interpret

We provide interpreting services in over 50 languages including:

Different types of interpreting

Interpreting comes in different formats. Firstly there is consecutive interpreting where the interpreter waits for the source language speaker to finish, then relays the message in the target language. Secondly there is simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter relays the message in the target language as quickly as possible whilst the the source language speaker continues to speak. This distinction should be carefully considered for what your project entails and we are able to advise you on choosing the right option for your project.

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