How do you say “get lost” in ‘Elephant Language’?

The world of languages can often throw up some odd translations due to the sheer complexity and varied ways of how diverse cultures have expressed themselves not to mention the customs of communities around the world. For these reasons, in a world of global communication professional translation services provided by professional translation agencies has played […]

Meet the woman creating positive change in literature and translation

It is the month of August so in the world of literature and translation services it could only mean one thing; it is Women in Translation Month. Women in Translation Month or WIT Month for short is a movement that was started back in 2014 by an Israeli-born biology grad student Meytal Radzinski who, being […]

The real meaning behind Despacito

Arguably the song of 2017 and certainly the anthem of the summer has been the Spanish-written song “Despacito” (translation: “Slowly”) by Puerto Rican singer songwriter Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero also known as Luis Fonsi featuring legendary Reggaeton artist Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez better known as Daddy Yankee. The song itself has been remixed and repackaged […]

Chinese translation services

China aiming to eradicate translation fails

We have all seen or heard of the dodgy translations (not carried out by professional translation agencies) that have been written up on signs, information boards and even advertisements from big businesses across China. You see China can often be a tricky place for English speakers whether you are a business trying to enter the […]

How to know ‘who to know’ to build success

Whenever you ask successful people how they got to where they are you often hear the words uttered including; hard work, determination; luck and one that’s often repeated and emphasised upon constantly is who they know or their connections. As it stands it is not simply what you know but who you know and the […]

This new app helps you verify your Google translation is accurate

Most of us at some point have attempted to use language translation apps like Google Translate to assist us with conveying our message from one language to another, whether at work dealing with a client who does not speak or understand our language or perhaps when on holiday trying to communicate with the locals when […]

How machine translations are being used for good over evil

We recently brought you a post about how machine translations were used for evil, but today comes a story originally reported on about how these artificial intelligent assisted translation services can in fact be used for the good. The development of AI assisted machine translations might not be any use when translating documents, specifically […]

3 ways to boost your marketing activities

The business market is a very competitive place to be whether you operate in the tourism  industry or legal sectors many businesses find themselves constantly trying new ways to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd and this can be a challenge at times. There are many ways in which businesses can reach their […]

translation services

How machine translations were used for evil

Recently you might have heard all over the news channels the reports of the National Health Service (NHS) being ‘cyberattacked’ by hackers using ransomware to try and get payments. Parts of the NHS were affected during the initial outbreak of the ransomware called WannaCry, or as it is also sometimes referred to as WanaCrypt0r 2.0, […]

dolphin translation services

Ever wanted to talk to the animals? You might be able to very soon

Translation services, whether it is translating a sentence or a whole advertising campaign, it is a very important tool in understanding or getting a message understood in another language. Sometimes to convey your messages to an audience who speak the same language but different locale you need localisation services, for media translations you might need […]

Why you must not overlook language translation services to boost international sales

Doing business internationally in present times is something that can be easily done providing you have the medium to reach your target market, have the channels to distribute your products or the means to deliver your services. With the likes of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter continuing to be top branding and […]

fast translation services

Are emoji translations more than a gimmick?

In a previous post we have already touched to the emergence of emoji’s or emoticons and how they are now being used every day to communicate with one another instead of using actually words. And now in fact there are now emoji to text translation software’s available to download on your phones right now. You […]

Why many African languages may become extinct

When it comes to discussing Africa and its role in the world there are many topics which are up for debate and despite being the second most populous continent with around 1.2 billion occupants and over 2000 languages spoken, it seems as though African languages are never at the forefront when it comes to global […]

The awkward translations of the French election

As the nation of France has been continuingly gripped by the race for the French presidency, the fate of their countries political affairs and futures are at stake. With the first round of voting, which was held on 23rd April 2017 indicating no majority winner the two most voted for candidates, Emmanuel Macron and Marine […]

Translation services

Google translate songs?

We all know about the bad press that Google translate receives when it comes to language translation. Obviously these awkward translations that Google translate produces are no match when compared to translation services carried out by human translators at professional translation agencies. But regardless the discussion of whether machine translation software’s like Google translate will […]

2 more reasons to visit Zambia this year (Part 2)

In our last post about 2 reasons to visit Zambia this year we touched on several points on what makes Zambia attractive to tourists including the famous Victoria Falls located in Livingstone, as well as the experience of coming in contact with the different cultures also known as tribes and the different languages spoken which […]

retail translation services

Is this the most translated book ever?

The old classic “Le Petit Prince” or “The Little Prince” in English has recently received translation services which marks a special landmark for the old novella. You see Le Petit Prince has long been one of the most translated books in the world and with this latest translation into Hassanya, a local variety of Maghrebi […]

2 reasons to visit Zambia this year

Zambia a country landlocked in the southern region of Africa is home to many different cultures, fascinating nature and wildlife and also great weather. With each season boasting its own adventures Zambia is definitely a traveller’s perfect destination to explore. With an estimated 17 million residents this beautiful country has plenty of land to go […]

Hebrew to english

Google’s translation services

In a previous post we brought you the news that human translations trumped machine and artificial intelligence (AI) assisted translations in the translation showdown to end all showdowns, hosted in Korea a couple weeks back. And with all the talk about the ever increasing technological sophistication of AI assisted translations and machine translations and the […]

Should you ever use machine translation?

A topic of debate amongst many linguists especially those performing translation services is whether you should use machine translation software to convert text from one language to another. We have discussed earlier some of the implications of using machine translation services in different situations and there is no black and white answer as to whether […]

google translation services

Google’s back in China (well sort of)

Good news if you are living in mainland China, from last Wednesday US internet giants Google have made a new version of their translation app available to Chinese users without use of virtual private networks (VPN’s). Now this might not seem like massive news to us in the western world because of how easily accessible […]

A major factor overlooked by businesses to increase your business prospects

As we all know by now when it comes to doing business one of the main aims of it all is to make profits. Whether your business is designed to help the less fortunate or you operate in bullish markets like stock brokers the ultimate goal it to ensure your sales outweigh your overheads and […]

How idioms translate hilariously into English

Languages are very complex and interesting ways to communicate from one person to another. The way in which some languages are expressed are more creative than others, without these sometimes utterly bizarre differences between languages there would be absolutely no need for things such as translation services. These services that are provided by a professional […]

How a ‘robot’ is offering legal advice to refugees

You’re probably thinking oh no not another robot story! Well as many seem to think they will become more prominent within human society in years to come virtually performing tasks which today we as humans cannot comprehend a robot performing, we thought we might enlighten you on this story we came across where a robot […]

translation services

How ‘fake’ translation services got this man in deep trouble

Translation services can come in all forms, it could be professional translations carried out by professional translators and interpreters and they could be specifically catered towards businesses for anything from tourism to retail translation services. Or individuals perhaps looking for quick translations that can be done through software’s which include the likes of Google translate. […]

And the winner is: A translation battle

Previously we brought you a story that should put to bed (for the time being at least) who is more superior when it comes to translation services, man or machine? The showdown that was organised by the International Interpretation Translation Association in conjunction with Sejong Cyber University in order to get a real feel of […]

Should robots be taxed the same as humans?

We all know how much technology has advanced over the last few decades at a rapid pace that even the fastest man on the planet Usain bolt cannot match! It’s sometimes hard to believe that 10 years ago the majority of us needed to physically go into a shop to purchase mobile phone credit or […]

romanian translation services

The ultimate translation showdown is here

As one of the most talked about topics in the language translation and interpreting community, this issue of human translators versus machine translators is still a very undecided issue with some claiming that with all the advancements in technology giving machines the capabilities to translate from language to language without human interaction, that machine translations […]

Hebrew translation services

Why your business needs interpreting services

In a modern world where the internet is making everything smaller as the days go by; making things like being able to communicate with loved ones or extended family from the other side of the world less of a hassle than going next door to talk to your neighbour, being able to have the ability […]

Robots to Aid 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

Winter Olympics who watches that you may ask? It may be a surprise to many but the Winter Olympics may be more popular than you would imagine them to be. The first winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France in 1924 and have since grown to be a popular global event in the sporting world. […]

Instant camera translation services?

Are you about to go on your travels to experience a whole different culture and way of life but just don’t know the first thing about the language? Have you taken a new job abroad in order to broaden your horizons but have only learnt how to say hello in the native language? Or are […]

Need professional translation services

When a lack of translation services sparked an outrage

This recent story is a one that highlights perfectly the need for professional translation services and localisation services when you are not familiar with the native language of the country you are operating in. Without the use of some sort of translation service, mistakes are likely to be made and it could result in having […]

How translation services changed the world

The human race; we are a very intriguing race we consider ourselves at the top of the food chain, smarter than the rest of the species on this earth and this is all thanks to our ancestors who always looked at new ways of doing things, always evolving skills and techniques with innovative ideas which […]

German translation services

Internet marketing worth it? What entrepreneurs need to understand

Since the dot com era many companies have managed to use the internet as a means of reaching global audiences at the click of a button. Whether it is tech companies, translation agencies or video production companies, the phenomenon of the internet has enable companies both small and multi-national to boost sales of their products […]

Human Translation vs Machine Translation; The Battle Continues

The ever mounting development of software and mobile applications configured to help people to translate text into hundreds of languages have helped to some extent, but it is still challenging to obtain a perfect translation this way. This task can only purely be done efficiently by human beings! A large number of software’s and applications […]

Translation services in a very loud way

When you think of translation services you would usually think of one or more qualified translators looking at text in one language, comprehending it and then producing the same sentence in a whole  other language, sometimes a different alphabet for example when a translator translates a document from English to Hebrew as part of Hebrew […]

Translation agency

Is the customer always right? What every business should consider

A typical job interview question and a question all businesses instill in their employees. There is no right or wrong answer to this ever popular question. It simply depends on the scenario or context that it applies to. Take for example if you are dealing with a customer who is clearly in the wrong, do […]

translation services

How to utilise translation services in 2017

By now it can be assumed that we are all pretty much settled into the New Year and back on the grind whether that is in employment or self-employment. A new year for many symbolises a new beginning, a time to leave all the negative happenings of the previous year and embark on new journeys […]

You’ll never guess which language translation these two children’s classics received

Over the years a lot of famous books and literature have had the ‘translation service treatment’ including what is widely considered as the world’s oldest novel which we previously wrote about in an earlier post. But now two more recent famous children’s classics; Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’ and Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, […]

New year; New language? Learning a new language: Part 2

It is that time of the year again; well the end of the year where even though nothing really changes at the same time a whole lot can be changed. As we wave goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017 it can be and is widely embraced as a benchmark for better things or […]

Graduate as a translator

What I didn’t learn in university

4 years on; Reflections of a graduate Four years into the so called real world many people do not get time to even stop and analyse how far they have come since graduating from university. Many of us caught up in the so called ‘rat race’ barely get time to actually process and translate what […]

The best Christmas advert of all time?

Ah Christmas, it really is a special time of the year where you eat until you feel sick and drink yourself silly whilst being surrounded by the ones who mean the most to you, not to mention the best part receiving gifts! What is there not to like about Christmas? Well one section of the […]

Has Google created its own language?

Will this lead to the end of human translations? The Neural Machine Translation or simply ‘NMT’ is the name of the latest technology that Google has employed to help improve their real time translation services. Originally showcased earlier this year in September, Google announced that these neural networks are going to be the process behind […]

Blame it on the Translation?

A rather amusing story has emerged from Australia in recent times, which for once is nothing to do with dodgy retail translation services. For the first time we are actually bringing you a story of a translation fail without any help from a less than accurate translation service at all. No instead this story involves […]

translation role interview

Can you really be yourself at an interview?

Interviews, that thing you have to do to get that new job you really want; yes that thing the majority of us dread and just wish getting a job was as easy as handing your CV and getting a no or when can you start answer. Sadly that is not the reality we live in, […]

3 Things for English speakers to take into account when learning a new language

So you have decided that you want to learn a new language, first of all well done to you. As someone who speaks English and just like many other English speakers, the truth is we expect everyone around the world to know our language with a fluency of the Royal Family! Although English is generally […]

interpretation of Bexit

How interpreting and translation services influenced Brexit

One of the most if not the most talked about event in the UK this past year has been that of the Brexit vote. The drama of the vote has seen the British public show their translation of their lack of faith in the European Union which they then decided on a vote to end […]

Three online marketing strategies new websites must follow

Setting up a website and maintaining it is no walk in the park. There’s initial brainstorming, choosing which colour scheme you want to use, choosing which widgets go with your product/service or which images to use for your home page etc. Once you have gone past these stages and are ready to launch your website […]

localisation services

How this confusing translation led to a ‘heated’ argument

In the world of languages, translation services and professional translation agencies there is always going to be some difficulties as are the complexities of languages. For every one flawless translation example there is most likely going to be a few erroneous, problematic and mistake riddled translations. These you would usually find are DIY, google translated […]

Why being a hard worker isn’t enough

Which other skills do you need to be successful? Whether you run a business or are an employee of an organisation there is no doubt that each respective role involves a high level of competition, graft and perseverance which translates to success. In spite of this there is something that seems to stand out when […]

Why Trump’s comments are an ‘impossible’ translation service

Unless you have been living under a rock these past months you probably have heard the rather explosive and sometimes tedious popularity contest that is the US presidential election race. The Presidential election race, for those who may not know is mainly contested between 2 polarising parties the left-winged Democrats who have selected former first […]

How one man’s scribble earned him a book publishing

We all know that one person at work who scribbles on post-it sticky notes like their life depends on it perhaps that person may even be you. Surely if a survey was done as to what post-it notes were actually used for in the workplace certainly a fair amount would be attributed to scribbling unrelated […]

translation services can avoid translation fails

How translation services will help avoid translation fails

Whether you love or hate translation fails, whether you get offended or not one thing for sure is that they can be hilarious! But a translation fail is not a victimless act. Businesses that make these accidental translation errors will tell you this is no laughing matter, further proving why translation services from a professional […]

3 signs you need to take a career break

Before even going into the depths and actually deciding you want a career break one must first understand what that actually means. A career break is not just a period you take off work to go travelling and relax on a beach somewhere in Southeast Asia (although that might not be such a bad translation) […]

Is there any chance to save endangered languages?

What can be done to save languages on the brink of extinction? The definition of an endangered language is so complex that it is hard to narrow down it just to one simple definition. The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) whose values include supporting global education so as every child has access […]

3 ways you didn’t know how translation services could help your business

So you decided to take the leap of faith and take your life back into your own hands and started your own business. First of all hats off to you for taking the plunge. You have been running your business pretty successfully for a while now and through your products or services you have built […]

Find out which foreign language will pay you the most in Britain

Great Britain although some may argue is not as great as once was is still a place with lots of history. From its prominent monuments such as Buckingham Palace to the famous Big Ben which has tourists flocking from all over the world, Britain has always been a place where people from various walks of […]

UK USA translation

Can these two ‘languages’ really get lost in translation?

Here’s a story from the good people at the Daily Mail which depicts the tiny differences between two different ‘language’ pairs that share a lot of the same words, in fact they are largely the same. Now when we are talking about tiny differences between languages which share some same words, we are not talking […]

Tesla translation services fail

Which company failed with translation services?

Tesla Motors, Inc is an automotive production company who are famous for being the biggest car manufactures that produce solely fully electronic road-worthy cars. The company was fittingly named after the Serbian-American engineer Nikola Tesla whose ideas are now seen ahead of his time as he advocated the likes of wireless technology and electrical use. […]

Are Emoji’s replacing languages?

How emoji’s are transforming the way we communicate. In this day in age many of us communicate with one another via technology and the most common being the smartphone. The smartphone allows us to create spreadsheets, record videos and even perform language translation whether that is French translation or Spanish translation. Virtually all adults today […]

translation service for cats

Has this company changed translation services forever?

The language and translation industry is big business, one that is worth an estimated $33billion worldwide. The need for humans to communicate over various different languages has never been greater thanks to the globalisation of the world, thus professional translation services are highly sought after. One of the main driving factors of this massive need […]

You won’t believe what this famous Disney line’s English translation is

Ah, good old Disney, when most people think about their childhood they are bound to have some sort of memory watching a film produced by The Walt Disney Company. The company that was founded by Walt Disney and his brother Roy O. Disney in 1923 as the ‘Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio’ has become one of […]

Facebook slang translation services

How Facebook’s new translation software will translate slang

Facebook is one of the most popular and most recognisable social media platforms in the world today with over one billion people from all corners of the world logging onto the social media platform on a daily basis. So it only makes complete sense now that Facebook has decided to integrated their very own automatic […]

5 crucial points to consider before you start a business

Starting a business is almost like venturing into a new relationship with someone, you don’t know exactly what is going to happen but your desire for this person gives you optimism that something good can come out of it. Much like a relationship with a human, being your business becomes very similar to such an […]

4 Useful Translation Apps For Travellers

So you have decided to embark on a journey into the unknown, you have packed your backpack and ready to jet off to explore the other side of the world and indulge in rich culture, amazing views and exotic food. Just one thing, you can’t speak the language of the local people. In the past […]

What is the Romanian translation for ‘Brexit?’

Or more to the point what is the Romanian translation for ‘remain?’ If you are one of the large group of ‘remainers’ of which the outcome of the Brexit vote has left a sour taste in your mouth and left you with no or little hope for your future outside of the European Union, then […]

How to support England in ‘French’ at Euro 2016

Heading to France this summer to see The Euros? Well you are going to have to hunt down your old French to English dictionary and you have got to brush up on your GSCE level French or if you have the budget, invest in some professional translation services because you will have to know how […]

How could the Brexit vote affect Language Service Providers and SME’s?

As the Brexit vote moves closer and closer, on 23rd June, 2016 millions of British, Irish and Common Wealth citizens who live in the UK as well as Britons who have lived abroad for less than 15 years will head to their polling stations and decide whether to remain in the European Union (EU) or […]

Roy Hodgson confused by translation services

How translation services failed Roy Hodgson ahead of Euro 2016 clash

Translation services play a major role in football as football is played all over the globe by many different players from different countries and therefore is translated into numerous languages. Translations in football is no more evident than at a major tournament, be it the biggest stage in football which is The World cup; the […]

Backlash for Fiat Argentina due to misogynistic car manual

Backlash for Fiat Argentina due to misogynistic car manual Another day another story of big brands simply producing non-thoughtful content (sighs)! Now in this case it wasn’t your typical lack of well researched information or a lack of professional translation services to translate content from one language to another, it instead was almost a ride […]

no retail translations needed

Is this the most racist advert ever?

A Chinese washing powder advert has been doing the rounds on the internet recently, now you might think a washing powder ad what’s the worst that could happen? You are probably thinking how can something as mundane as washing powder possibly go viral? Well this Chinese retail advertisement did just that and more which has […]

Learning a new language can advance brain power in just one week

When it comes to picking up a new language many can agree that it does not come easy especially as you get older of which there are many reasons as to why you don’t pick up a language as quickly as someone who is 6 years old. Some attribute this to the way in we […]

Netflix using translation services

Fast translation services like no other

Netflix, the massive online streaming service has started something rather unfamiliar in the world of television and indeed translation services. Netflix have commissioned a new late night talk show starring American comedienne Chelsea Handler. But this is no ordinary late night chat show; in fact this is something that has not even been done before […]

When Football gets lost in translation

Football, fútbol, fussball, fotbal, futebol, voetbal, whatever you call it; football is a game that is played worldwide by many different cultures and people from all corners of the globe. Football is often referred to as a universal language of which a need for translation services is not required. All you need is a football […]

How the benefits of using professional translation services far outweigh the costs

The increase in globalisation over the past few decades has created numerous opportunities for the average individual to set up a business that is able to serve and compete in global markets, a luxury that only the large corporations or the wealthy were able to reap the benefits of in the past. Running a business […]

Captain America to keep Mandarin translation

Captain America set to keep Mandarin translation

Captain America has officially touched down in China amidst opposition to the film and Disney films in general. The Captain America series will continue both Disney’s and Disney’s Marvel dominance in the Chinese territory. It is the fourth release by Disney in China this year, following the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Zootopia, and […]

What’s the Italian translation for ‘Haka’?

A rather bizarre showing last week in a Serie A league match on Thursday night which saw Italian giants AC Milan host Carpi. They say the home team should always try and put on a show for their fans but Milan managed to take it to a whole other level. A video taken from the […]

Has this new creation changed translation services forever?

A clever little idea that could soon render all forms of translation services useless has just been released! But before everyone in the world of linguistics and translations loses their minds let me just reassure you, that was a complete over exaggeration. Maybe not something to put an end to the $33 billion valued global […]

Forget Iron Man, Student’s smart gloves translates sign language into speech

When it comes to technology in the 21’s century it is almost as if the moment you blink, some type of a new technology has been invented. Nowadays it is not only professional software engineers working in labs that are able to come up with new inventions such as creating sophisticated mobile phone apps or […]

5 times retail translation and localisation services failed in China

We all have heard and know of China’s importance to the world’s economy. In fact since their economic liberalisation in the late 70’s, China has been one of the fastest growing economies which has led the country to emerge as one of the top major players of global markets subsequently becoming the second biggest economy […]

Russian flag

How accurate is Google Translate when Russia is translated to ‘Mordor’

Anyone familiar with world politics will know that over the years there has been tension between Eastern European country Ukraine and Eurasian country Russia. Just when you thought couldn’t get any worse, the most popular machine translation platform Google Translate managed to muddle up some sensitive words when it came to the translation of words […]

Retail translation services gone wrong?

The increasingly popular supermarket retailer Aldi have been doing a lot right in terms of muscling in on the ‘big four’ supermarkets in the UK and successfully creating a brand identity for value for money but they have caused a bit of commotion recently. There are claims from some that the German budget chain has […]

Why your business needs localisation services

In the world of language translations and translation services you would think that a translation from one language into another would be sufficient and enough to pass as a ‘complete’ translation. You would think that you could get by on Google, Skype or some other third party translator software but that is not the case. […]

scouse to German translation service

What unexpected language has got a German translation?

Languages, translations and globalisation are truly wonderful things because without these key factors we would not be able to communicate with the rest of the world, we would not be able to know the things we know now or learn new things from different cultures. Professional translation services are great in aiding this as it […]

Italian translation for full of petals

How an eight year old with the help of social media invented a new word

Ever wondered how to create a new word? Ever thought how difficult it would be to actually get that ‘created’ word officiated? Ever thought if the translation to another language would make sense at all? Well an eight year old primary school student named Matteo has done just that. The story reported on BBC trending […]

Ever wondered what Disney princesses sound like in their native language?

Ever wondered what your favourite Disney songs would sound like if they were sung in the native languages of the characters? Well wonder no more! Thanks to a popular Film orientated YouTube channel known as ‘Movie Munchies’ who have revealed the translations of each song from the characters country of origin. As E! Online reports […]

Has this company gone a step too far?

A lesson in how not to advertise or retail a translation device today, coming from a story reported on BBC trending. A promotional video was released for a new portable translation device and the video in question has sparked cries of sexual harassment and outrage. The advert for the device depicts a young Englishman named […]

ballon dor nominees

Why Messi and Neymar owe Ronaldo

Football fanatics will understand what the FIFA Ballon d’Or is about. For those that don’t it is almost what the Oscars are to the movie industry or what the Grammys are to the music industry. The annual event honours the best men’s football players of a particular year as voted by international media delegates, national […]

A translation mix up in Sweden

A bit of a light hearted story coming out of the municipality of Helsingborg in Sweden. This story demonstrates just how translation services could go badly wrong due to the vast complexities of languages. Now let me set the scene for you, you just arrive in a new country, an environment completely alien to you, […]

MLB introducing translations

A Major shakeup in Baseball and how translations has helped

Big news coming from the world of sport today involving one of America’s favourite pastimes baseball. All 30 teams of the Major League Baseball (MLB) are now being required to employ an all year round full time translator for their players from Latin American countries. This new proposal has been championed by current New York […]

How a courageous deafblind woman became a Lawyer

When you think of someone who is deaf you probably think how challenging it is for them to communicate with people who cannot use sign language and can only communicate through the use of some type of translation service. When you think of someone who is blind you may well think unless they have someone […]

Top five trending topics of 2015 according to Google

So as we wrap up another year, 2015 has been an eventful and hectic year that has seen a lot of changes happen in the world which has witnessed exciting, happy, sad and sometimes scary moments that have affected our lives. Either way, it was a year to remember and something we could use to […]

10 things you might not know about Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise, one of the most successful and most recognisable movie franchises of all time, a franchise with combined box office revenue of over $4 billion dollars worldwide has released a new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it has just hit cinemas in London at midnight 17/12/15. The epic space saga, […]

Thank you

What are the best languages to learn and why?

With globalisation at an ever increasing rate people don’t stay in the same city/country/place they were born and brought up in anymore. Nowadays people tend to travel for all sorts of reasons whether it is backpack traveling for leisure, for business or work purposes you will not be surprised to see communities fused with different […]

Prince coming out of vehicle

Why musician Prince is hitting the headlines

The artist formally known as Prince, who a year later in 1994 changed his name back to Prince; famous for being eccentric, controversial, pioneering and often just damn right bizarre. Whatever your opinions of him, he is a musical legend having sold over 100 million records worldwide and at the same time picking up an […]

builder jumping

Seven ways to keep good employees

So I recently came across a post on LinkedIn which listed reasons why employees stay in a company. Having been an employee myself and now running a translation agency in London I thought I would elaborate on some of the points highlighted. When running a business as you grow you are more than likely to […]

Mandarin translation services

Are our languages shaped by the heat in our environments?

An interesting new theory has arisen recently on just how our languages have developed, but could it really be down to the heat of the environment? Take the English language for example, with consonant heavy words such as ‘catchphrase’ in the vocabulary; it comes as no surprise that the language evolved in a cold, open […]

How your business can benefit from professional translation services

When it comes to doing business this day and age, as much as traditional fundamentals of business continue to be practiced technology advancement has contributed to the change in the way we do things. For instance most retail companies prior to the year 2000 could only target their local geographical region unless they had big […]

7 Habits you Must Develop Now to be Successful

Be an Early Bird So you want to be successful? Well you are not going to be successful by sleeping your days away. Successful individuals tend to get up early in order to start off their productive days before anyone else. The old saying goes “The early bird catches the worm” this couldn’t be any […]

Why is this young Nigerian man making waves in Japan?

The name Ufot Ekong Junior is a relatively unknown name, but is definitely a name you should remember. “Why should I know this name?” I hear you ask. Well for those of you who do not know or haven’t heard yet, Ufot Ekong is the name of a young Nigerian student currently making waves in […]

How Chinese investment is making an impact on Zambia

Zambia in 2015 looks a lot different than a few years back. Its continued development is visible especially in the capital city Lusaka as well as the Copperbelt in areas such as Ndola and Kitwe. Although it still has a long way to go in terms of advancing infrastructure, progress can be seen especially around […]

Tangled balls

Is this the most complicated object in the world?

Meet the timepiece that is causing a furor within the world of watches. The watch, more specifically the pocket watch in question which was recently unveiled by the deluxe Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin is known by the name of “Reference 57260”. The Reference 57260 has been labelled “the most complicated watch ever made” which includes […]

Romanian translation services

What surprising video has the internet going mad?

When you think of the most trending topics in the world at this time point of time, what do you think of? A celebrity gone mad? A big sports event? An ongoing war? A political corruption scandal? Kittens playing the keyboard? You would be forgiven for thinking anything along these lines, but no, none these […]

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The newest twist on the world’s oldest novel

Written in around 1,000 A.D., consisting of over 1,000 pages, ‘The Tale of Genji’ is widely regarded as the first ever novel written. The Tale of Genji depicts the story of Prince Genji, an illegitimate son of Emperor Kiritsubo, who due to politics demotes Genji to a life of a commoner; the story focuses on […]

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London and ‘foreign’ languages how the city has transformed?

As one of the world’s most diverse cities and one of the biggest financial capitals in the wold it is no wonder why London is one of the most desired cities to live and work. From its signature landmarks like big ben, Buckingham palace and Trafalgar square, to the vibrant central London which never sleeps […]

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What is making women in Japan go crazy?

Ever wondered if beauty can translate across species? Whether we as a human race can really appreciate beauty that transcends our own homosapien breed, well this surprising news from Japan might just be proof that we can, albeit rather disturbingly. Weighing at a whopping 28 stones or 180kg, with his muscular physique and brooding good […]

When translation goes wrong! Sweden women’s national football team blunder.

Here’s a light hearted story from one of Scandinavia’s biggest countries, Sweden. This is a prime example of translation services gone wrong. A video was launched as part of a campaign to promote the Swedish women’s national football team ahead of the upcoming women’s FIFA World Cup which kicks off on 6th June 2015 in […]

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6 steps to supercharge your sleep and wake up refreshed

We have all been there, alarm clock blaring, phone buzzing, family or partner constantly nagging, cat/dog jumping on you, ok maybe that last one was an exaggeration, all this just to get you up and out of bed. Sound familiar? For most of us this is the start of our daily routines. Waking up early […]

You won’t believe what British ‘thing’ is trending in China.

Can you guess what it is about Britain that is making a big impact on the online traffic in China? Could it be the iconic British landmarks and history? The royal family? London’s vibrant fashion scene? The Barclays Premier League? You would be forgiven for thinking it was any of these things but in fact […]

Thought you knew the richest man of all time? Think again!

When the topic of who is the richest man of all time arises, often times names that appear in such conversations include the likes of Bill Gates – Co-founder and head of the technology giant that is Microsoft with an estimated net worth of $136 billion , John D. Rockerfeller who’s company The Standard Oil […]

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This powerful anti-racism social experiment will make you think

An interesting, thought-provoking Lithuanian PSA video by Lithuanian anti-discrimination organisation Svetima Geda has been doing the rounds and is very quickly going viral on the internet. The aforementioned video, which is mostly in English with the Lithuanian translation on the subtitles, is a social experiment that highlights and challenges attitudes towards racism in Lithuania and […]

What you don’t know about Facebook’s privacy?

Undeniably Facebook is one of the most recognised brand names in the world and is listed in the top 20 world’s most valuable brands by Forbes. The power social media site which has captured over a billion users worldwide was only founded 11 years ago and has continued to grow on a massive scale since […]

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Four signs you need to leave your job!

When is the right time to leave your job? We have all been there, stuck in a job where the future just seems bleak, day in day out Monday to Friday feeling that same old miserable feeling of hopelessness, bitterness and worry; the feeling of being stuck in a job you are not happy with. […]

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Are robots more harmful than we think?

We have all seen the movies, read the books and even heard things from the weirdo at the back of the bus saying robots will take over the world and enslave the human race one day. Most of us will usually not take any notice or even laugh it off as a sign of paranoia, […]

The Overlooked History of Christmas

It’s that time of the year again where Christmas is once again upon us. For some a magical time of the year where family get-togethers are the norm and stuffing ones face and drinking far too much for which one cares to remember are acceptable. Where, thanks to the commercialisation by the retail industry, holidays […]

What we could all learn about business from the Apprentice

So the apprentice 2014 drew to a conclusion Sunday night with Australian Mark Wright being crowned champion for the sought after title of being Lord Alan Sugar’s business partner. Over the weeks we have all witnessed the candidates juggle different tasks week in-week out with Lord Sugar putting their skills to test all for that […]

Will Skype Translator be all it’s cracked up to be? How will human translation be affected?

In mid-2014 Microsoft announced its plans to release the anticipated Skype Translator and now in late 2014 a new video has been released to support the campaign. The video shows two school children one in America and one in Mexico conversing over skype with real time audio translation. Similarly to Apple and Google’s speech recognition […]

The world’s first ever smartphone celebrates 20th anniversary

On Saturday 16th August 2014 the world’s first ever smartphone, the IBM Simon celebrated the 20th anniversary of its release to the public way back in in 1994. The London’s Science Museum, has added a display in their new ‘Information Age’ gallery, to commemorate the 20th year since it was released. The gallery’s overseer Charlotte […]

How doing business in Africa is changing; 3 things to consider

The African continent has for many years attracted interest and investment from all over the world. With its raw materials ranging from gold, oil, copper, diamonds to its natural resources and agriculture the continent has for decades continued to be a goldmine for international investments. When it comes to setting up a business in Africa […]

What it means to buy your first house

Getting onto the property ladder and owning your own home is an aspiration that almost all human beings would like to realise. Some list this step as one of life’s major goals. However, one question that seems to arise when discussing home ownership, is why owning a house is so important that people are willing […]

The Good, Bad, the Ugly; 5 things graduates should expect after graduating

It is that time of the year, students receiving their final grades and classification on what they have been working on for 3-4 years. For the majority it is a journey which you began as a teenager seeing the end to your juvenile years, developing you into a young adult now into your early twenties […]

Has KLM gone too far with Mexican ‘exit gibe’?

When the Netherlands met Mexico on 29th June 2014 for their crunch encounter in The 2014 FIFA World Cup round of the last 16 to decide who progresses into the quarter finals; that night in Brazil’s amazing 67,000-seater Estádio Castelão in Fortaleza, few would have predicted that the match would have been remembered for off […]

Referees at The World Cup 2014, be very afraid…

The FIFA World Cup, the epitome of international football a competition which is steeped in history, a competition that has seen the footballing elite grace the world stage time and time again. The competition which began in 1930 hosted and eventually won by Uruguay has seen many superstars created such as a relatively unknown 17 […]

Will Skype Translator kill languages?

The announcement of Skype Translator to be launched as early as before the end of 2014 in some languages is without a doubt a major breakthrough in the world of technology. This ground breaking technology would allow people to effectively communicate with people in another language in near real time. Take for example an English […]