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Welcome to Exchange Lingo, home of professional, reliable translation services in more than 150 languages globally and at competitive rates!

Here at Exchange Lingo we offer professional human translation services for documents, websites, and technical media in all major languages.

Our team consists of qualified and experienced linguists, proof-readers and project managers ensuring quality is met at all stages of the translation process.

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Our Translators:

Our linguists are carefully selected and only translate in their mother tongue as well as their specific area of expertise such as Legal, Medical, Technical or Financial. All our linguists have experience in their field of translation allowing a consistency of accuracy for our translations.

Quality Assurance:

The entire translation process is handled by our in house project manager who ensures the final translation is of a high quality standard.

Our Services:

Our professional translation services include:

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Multiple sectors

From our London office we are able to manage translation projects for clients ranging from SME’s to Large Corporations in a variety of sectors. We have performed translations from theatre production companies to technical translations of marine engineering documents and as a result have amassed valuable experience in delivering results for clients from various industries.

Some of the major industries we work with are highlighted below.

Legal sector translation – for the legal sectors our translation agency is able to carry out translations of legal documents such as marriage certificates, witness statements, visa applications, and legal aid translation.

Marketing sector translation – our marketing translations involves the translation of materials such as marketing briefs, market research reports, focus group minutes, and SEO reports.

Engineering sector translation – our engineering translators possess years of experience translating documents such as technical manuals, hazardous goods labels, data sheets, and OEM manuals.

Medical translation sectors – our professional medical translators cover areas for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. We are able to perform translations of medical prescriptions, patient records, patient consent forms, clinical trials, and medical leaflets.

For a full list of the different sectors we work with you can click here.


When it comes to protecting our client’s data we take precaution in the selection process of our translators. We carefully screen each translator before they are allocated to a particular project. We understand that some information is more sensitive than others and are willing to work with you to ensure that the information disclosed to us is treated with caution at all times.

We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for your project. We also have a non-disclosure in place which is signed by our translators should the client request one. This is just one of the many measures we take in protecting sensitive information so whether you require the translation of medical results or product patents you can trust Exchange Lingo with your sensitive information.

Price promise

Most of our work is online-based. We have a network of over 2000 translators worldwide all qualified and experienced in translating at the highest quality. As a result we are able to pass on our reduced overheads to our clients enabling them to save more in comparison to other translation agencies and without compromising on quality. Our prices are all transparent and fair. When you receive your quote we will explain exactly what each cost involves before the translation is underway. There are no hidden charges at Exchange Lingo!

Quality guaranteed

We guarantee quality translations at all times. We carefully screen our translators before they are even selected to work on any project. All our translators have at the least 3 years translation experience in a particular field. In addition they are qualified to degree level or equivalent as well as being native speakers of the language in which you require your documents to be translated into.  This process, has over the years allowed us to produce good quality translations in over 100 languages.

What makes us different?

Every client we work with has different requirements and needs. Whether it is to increase their brand awareness or to increase sales leads; our years of experience in the translation industry will ensure that your goals are achieved. When you choose to work with Exchange Lingo you are not just choosing a translation agency that will convert the text you have from one language to another. We take into consideration your specific target audience as well as your vision for the translation.

For example if you operate within the engineering sector and wish to translate your website from English to Chinese then from our database we would only use a translator who is native in the Chinese language, fluent in English, has at least 3 years of experience within the engineering field and is qualified to degree level or equivalent. All this ensures that the translation process is as smooth as can be allowing you to have peace of mind that your translation is being handled by professionals.

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